Virtual Clinics

Epilepsy & Seizures

NCT’s Virtual Epilepsy Clinic provides patients with same day access to neurologists with expertise in epilepsy.

The clinic is suitable for adult and pediatric patients with the following issues:

  • First seizure assessment
  • Active epilepsy management
  • Epilepsy surgery counselling
  • Events uncertain to be seizures
  • Epilepsy counselling
  • Driving fitness assessment after seizure

The clinic is proud to have a social worker from Epilepsy Toronto present to provide additional counselling, support and education.

Medical Cannabis for Neurological Conditions

With the recent legalization of cannabis, NCT understands that medical cannabis is a treatment option for many patients and it is important to determine if medical cannabis is the right option for you. NCT’s Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic provides patients with same day access to assessments for the use of medical cannabis as a treatment

The Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic provides patients with expert opinion and knowledge from Dr. Evan Lewis, a neurologist with extensive experience in using medical cannabis to treat various neurologic conditions in children and adults. The Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic prides itself on the assurance that patients are educated regarding the use of medical cannabis and are being treated utilizing an evidence-based protocol.

Both children and adults are eligible for assessments.

Conditions assessed in the Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic include:

  • Autism
  • Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders
  • Sleep
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Tics & Tourette Disorder
  • Movement Disorders
  • Others, on Case-by-Case Basis

Concussion & Post-Concussion Syndrome

NCT has a well-established concussion care team and we are proud to be able to provide rapid access to patients for the management of acute concussion and post-concussion syndrome though the Virtual Concussion Clinic. 

At NCT, we understand that there are many patients who struggle with brain injury and the impact it has on their lives. Our mission is to combine early intervention with a comprehensive, patient-centred approach for optimal concussion care in order to improve outcomes and speed the road to rehabilitation. Our concussion care team is composed of neurologists, physician assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychotherapists. 

The Concussion Care Team at NCT offers:

  • Active Rehabilitation Programs
  • Cognitive Assessments & Rehabilitation
  • Headache Management
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Vestibular Assessments & Rehabilitation

We are affiliated with neuropsychologists, speech language pathologists, optometrists and other professionals who may assist in concussion & post-concussion assessments and treatments. 

Headache & Migraine

NCT’s Virtual Headache Clinic provides patients with same day access to neurologists with expertise in headache and migraine diagnosis and treatment.

The clinic is suitable for patients such as those who struggle with chronic headache and migraine, headache from traumatic brain injury, medication overuse headache, assessment for Botox candidacy and other primary and secondary headache diagnosis. 

The clinic is suitable for adult and pediatric patients with the following issues:

  • New onset headache and/or migraine
  • Chronic headache and/or migraine
  • Unclear or undifferentiated headache symptoms
  • Seeking comprehensive treatment plans including abortive and preventative therapies
  • Seeking advanced treatments including injectable treatments like Botox, nerve blocks and the new injectable treatments for migraine (ex: Aimovig and Emgality)

New Onset Seizures

At NCT, we understand the impact and worry that seizures can bring to patients and families. NCT is proud to collaborate with the Hospital For Sick Children (HSC) to provide rapid access assessments for patients who have a new diagnosis of seizure.

This specialized clinic provides a direct referral pathway for seizure assessment with a qualified specialist within one week after being seen in the emergency department at HSC. The clinic also provides additional support through our partnership with  Epilepsy Toronto, providing counselling and education to families.

Tics and Tourette

NCT’s understands the concern that tics and Tourette syndrome may cause families so we are happy to provide families with expedited access to a neurologist to be assessed for these conditions.  The clinic allows for families to help with diagnosis, questions and concerns and management regarding tics and Tourette syndrome. This clinic is suitable for patient with any of the following:

  • Abnormal movements suspected to be tics
  • New diagnosis of tics
  • Tourette syndrome diagnosis
  • Education and counselling surrounding management for tics and Tourette syndrome