Neurology Centre of Toronto

Mission & Vision


Provide faster access to specialists in neurology while maintaining quality of care and patient satisfaction.


Improve access for patients by reducing the time it takes to see a neurologist and subsequently decreasing the burden of long wait times encountered in hospitals, community clinics and care centres.


  • Decrease wait time: patients seen within 1 day to 2 weeks from referral
  • Comprehensive treatment: assessment, diagnosis and provision of treatment plan
  • Multi-disciplinary team-based approach: utilize strengths from other healthcare professionals to provide patients with an holistic approach
  • Education and safety: online resources for patients, personal safety plans & community-based resources through partner advocacy organizations (i.e. Epilepsy Toronto)
  • Focus on mental health: patients at risk are identified and referred for social work/community support
  • Helping in the Fight against COVID-19: offset hospital capacity and reduce risk of spread of COVID-19